Maintenance & Repair Services for Fireplace & HVAC Systems

Fireplace Repair

Ergofocus fireplace by Focus Fires

Your fireplace system should be inspected on a regular basis so repairs can be made to help maintain a safe environment. A poorly kept chimney can result in strange odors such as the smell of smoke after the fire has been extinguished. It can also lead to poor evacuation of smoke from a burning fire because of a lack of ventilation. This can create a potentially disastrous situation because the smoke won’t be pulled up the chimney properly, and instead it can fill your space with toxic fumes such as carbon monoxide.

Our team is happy to inspect, clean, and repair your fireplace to help keep your system burning cleanly and safely.

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HVAC, Air Conditioner, & Furnace Inspection & Service

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Is your air conditioning system not cooling your space as it should be? Perhaps your heating or air condition system seems to run continuously but the temperature doesn’t change to your desired level.

Regular inspections and maintenance of your air conditioning system and heating system, can help avoid costly repairs, or worse replacement of your system. An inefficient HVAC system can be frustrating and waste a lot of money.

HVAC Inspections and Maintenance provide:

  • Savings on your energy bills
  • Less repairs
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Lower chances of breakdowns
  • Increased safety

Keeping your HVAC system maintained will help to keep them running as efficiently as possible and help to avoid surprise outages. A malfunctioning furnace can not only be an inconvenience, during extreme cold, it can become a danger. Regular inspections are also good for identifying any potential cracks in the heat exchanger which, if left in disrepair, can potentially leak dangerous carbon monoxide into your living spaces.

Duct-Cleaning for your HVAC System

We now offer the highest quality complete duct cleaning service available today. Your ducts and furnace are cleaned and sanitized with our patented Hepa-Aire power duct cleaning system.

First we attach our Hepa-Aire power vacuum to your duct system at the furnace. Next we remove and clean each register; an air hose is then inserted, with the air-sweep nozzle, into each duct and blasts loose debris with 150 P.S.I. air pressure. The Hepa-Aire power vacuum then pulls the contaminants back through the ducts and into the Hepa-Aire system filters.

As an added bonus, we fog the entire duct system with an E.P.A. approved micro biocide; this helps to reduce disease and odor producing microorganisms and other contaminants that cause indoor pollution. We also offer high efficiency filters to keep your system clean longer and the air you breathe cleaner.

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