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Thank you for choosing Total Heating & Air. We provide service, installation and maintenance of Gas Heating Systems, Air Conditioning Systems and Gas Fireplaces. We are also experts in Duct Repair and Cleaning. Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your systems.

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  • Is the contractor referred by a friend or neighbor?
    The best source of information about the quality of work, friendliness, and customer service the experiences of friends of neighbors.

  • Does the company fleet reassure you?
    Contractors driving unmarked, beat up, dirty vehicles are likely to treat your home similarly. In addition, these contractors may be skating on the edge of bankruptcy and unwilling or unable to fulfill their warranty requirements.

  • Does the company have a physical address?
    While many contractors may operate out of a home office when starting, they do have a physical address. Fly-by-nights and moonlighters, who will not remain around to stand behind their work, do not. They operate companies from cell phones.

  • Are company employees neat, clean, and professional?
    Companies that provide employees with uniforms and insist on moderate levels of grooming tend to take a more professional approach across the board. Fly-by-nights are more likely to wear dirty jeans and tee shirts.

  • What equipment brands are carried?
    Manufacturers of the better known equipment brands are selective about the contractors they allow to sell and install their equipment.

  • Will the company guarantee a price before work begins?
    Most contractors utilize a national flat rate pricing service today. The service uses national standard times for repairs, allowing the contractor to offer a fixed price quite before work begins, rather than an open-ended parts and labor estimate.

  • What warranties are offered?
    Better contractors, who are more confident in their work, offer better warranties. Total Heating & Air offers a Five (5) year parts and labor warranty on the Lennox, Carrier and Bryant Heating and Air Conditioning systems.

  • Is the contractor licensed?
    Licensing is a minimum requirement. Under no circumstances should you allow an unlicensed contractor to work on your equipment. Total Heating & Air carries Contractors License # 400547 C-36 and C-20.

  • Is the contractor fully insured?
    If and employee of an uninsured contractor is hurt on your property, you can be held liable for medical expenses. Reputable contractors will provide copies of their general liability and worker’s compensation insurance. In the contractor uses subcontractors, as for copies of their insurance too.

  • Will the contractor permit equipment replacements?
    If you replace your heating or cooling system, you should insist that the job is permitted. When jobs are permitted, a municipal inspected will review the installation to ensure the job can at least meet current building codes. Like licensing, building codes are a minimum standard.

  • 4 Things to be Wary of:
    1. Beware the lowest price:You want to spend the least amount possible, which often eliminates the lowest price. Cheap contractors typically cut corners, which costs more in the long run. Cheap contractors cannot afford to fix mistakes, resulting in the need to pay twice. Often, the lowest price is not the lowest at all!

    2. Beware the Yellow Pages:Selecting a contractor from the Yellow Pages is tantamount to throwing a dart. Maybe you will get luck, maybe not. The Yellow Pages should be a last resort.

    3. Beware companies without a track record:Every company has to start sometime. Yet, heating and air conditioning companies tend to fail frequently. In fact, one company in five closes annually. The best indicator that a company will survive long enough to honor its warranty obligations is that it has survived in the past. Total Heating & Air began in 1991.

    4. Beware anything that sounds too good to be true:Usually, something too good to be true, really is too good to be true.

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